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Virginia Arnold of Another Turn Yoga Art is promoting a spirit of health, wellness and harmony with her yoga classes.




“Namaste and God Bless,” said Virginia Arnold, as she greeted her class of yoga students recently.

Arnold is the owner of Another Turn Yoga Art Health & Wellness Ministry Inc. situated on Cortez Boulevard in Ridge Manor, close to the I75 junction.

Newly opened on Jan. 3, 2017, its mission is to promote a spirit of health, wellness and harmony in a pleasant, recreational sanctuary where great transformation can take place physically, mentally and spiritually through  yoga, meditation, education, art and prayer. Another Turn Yoga Art caters for all ages in regular sessions throughout the week, which sometimes includes music, periods of silence, mantras and breathing techniques to enhance relaxation, build self esteem and develop purposeful direction.

The roots of yoga date back thousands of years. A Hindu spiritual discipline, yoga includes breath control, meditation, the adoption of specific bodily postures, and is widely practiced for health and relaxation purposes. But it’s not just “stretching,” yoga is an entire philosophy and an excellent recipe for emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

In today’s class, Arnold instructs her students in a soft, calm voice.

Occasionally, she goes over to a student and places her hand on their back helping them to press further into a pose.

“They’re just getting warmed up,” she said. “During the next half-hour, they’ll stretching their muscles and working on breathing exercises.”

Arnold is a teacher who listens to the individual needs of her yoga students.

“I had a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder, a herniated disc and also knee problems,” said Rob Morales, 47, from Brooksville. “Before Virginia’s classes, I couldn’t hold my right

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arm up for any length of time but now, after attending Virginia’s classes, all that has changed. I can stretch all of my body now and I feel really confident and more willing to try new things,” he said.

Morales wife, Erica, is also a regular at Another Turn Yoga Art. “I swear I’ve become taller since coming here,” she said.

Another participant in the class, Tracy Ingram, 43 of Brooksville, said he used to practice yoga years ago. “I came to try it out and I’m glad I did,” he said. “I’m so encouraged by Virginia’s instruction that I come here regularly now.”

Arnold, a longtime employee with the State of Florida, and who teaches yoga at two local fitness gyms, always said she would teach yoga full-time when she retired from State.

”It’s been a journey to finally have my own studio but now I’m doing what I love to do best.” she said. “My granddaughter Zahna is also qualified to teach too.”

Zahna Nix, 16, a student at Ridge Manor Christian Academy, teaches the Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) classes at Another Turn Yoga Art.

Kidding Around Yoga is an interesting and fun way to share the ancient practice of yoga with children ages 2-17.  It includes meditation, breathing practices, relaxation, poses, games and activities and stress management for kids.

“I love kids and teaching children’s yoga because it’s so much fun,” said Nix. “I want to do it professionally to help me through college to become a veterinarian.”

Benefits of Yoga

Scientific studies have shown there are significant health benefits linked to yoga. Practicing yoga is known to relieve chronic inflammation linked to a wide variety of ailments like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer even. Furthermore, when properly carried out, yoga does not have any adverse side effects like some drugs.

“It begins with balancing your body, mind, emotion and energy and creating an inner atmosphere of joy,” said Arnold. “Stretching triggers pleasure receptors and it helps keep our bodies strong and supple.

“Diet, too, is important in helping stay supple, she said. “I’m a vegetarian and eat small meals throughout the day and lots of vitamin-rich fruit.

Arnold also enjoys helping people express their emotions through art and crafts.

“I’m an art therapist and I use art materials like paints, chalk and markers to help people to express their inner feelings,” said Arnold. “An art therapist doesn’t necessarily have to be good at art; we just use it as a way of communicating and to help with self-awareness and development,” she said.

Classes in art therapy at Another Turn Yoga Art can be carried out in a group or one-to-one settings. and involve coloring in and mandala painting.

Coloring in art therapy is a new relaxation trend. Studies have shown it can reduce stress and anxiety and promotes mindfulness and allows creativity.

“In our coloring in art workshops we do a little stretching, a little chatting and enjoy a cup of herbal tea,” said Arnold. “Coloring in is not just for kids anymore.

Painting a mandala is more complex. A mandala (a Sanskrit word that means “circle) is a complex abstract design that can contain both geometric and organic forms. They can also contain recognizable images that carry meaning for the person who is creating it.

Workshops at Another Turn Yoga Art involve drawing and painting a personalized mandala with instruction and guidance from Arnold. Participants can choose a pre-drawn mandala to paint but either way, participants leave with a one-of-a-kind original piece of art.

Yoga promotes self-awareness and an opportunity to realize one’s full potential, physically, academically, socially, and emotionally.

“I want to cultivate a spirit of health, wellness and harmony in the lives of my students,” she said.

Arnold’s classes and workshops are specially designed for people to come together in a social gathering for creative inspiration, collaboration and merriment.

“At Another Turn Yoga Art, we provide a fun safe place to practice yoga that’s reasonably priced and where everyone is encouraged,” she said. “Classes and workshops are offered in a variety of ways and with as much or as little guidance preferred.”

Another Turn Yoga Art is a non-for-profit ministry  and contributions (large or small) help keep their doors open to the public so they can continue to provide the community with fun family fitness, health and wellness.

“We offer some free classes too,” said Arnold. “Pay what you want when you can and children can come along too. “Just because a parent cannot pay doesn’t mean a child can’t come to yoga,” she said.

The health benefits of yoga are many and varied and have remained so through thousands of years of practice. But, if you decide to make yoga part of your daily routine, make sure you learn with a qualified yoga practitioner like Virginia Arnold.



Another Turn Yoga Art Health & Wellness Ministry Inc., is located at 31095 Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, FL 34602

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Register and pay for classes and workshops via email or by calling the studio. Once payment has been received, a member of staff will send a confirmation email

The Staff of Another Turn Yoga Art Health and Wellness share the above article with you from the Hernando Sun, written by Ms. Sue Quigley, we are very much appreciative of this wonderfully worded article and appreciate the time and of effort Ms. Quigley in her recognition of our studio and ministry. 

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